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fifa 14 : patch on the release day to download

Electronic Arts has announced a first patch for fifa 14 . The update will be available on the release day of fifa 14 for download and fix stability issues that were identified during the testing phase. In a forum post Electronic Arts also announced that the gameplay of fifa 14 is to be improved continuously . Of the players you ‘ve already received lots of feedback .Buy fut 14 Coins form you can get some coupon for you.

fifa 14 gets on the release day a first patch donated , such as Electronic Arts tells in a forum post . The update is intended to ensure , among others, for better stability and fix the problems that were discovered during the closed beta phase. In addition, the first fifa 14 patch contains fixes for several game modes , including skill games and Creation Centre. In addition, Electronic Arts announced to want to continue to always improve the gameplay of 14 fifa. The developers have already received lots of feedback from players who have gambled the demo or the early release of fifa 14 .

The criticism points count , according to Electronic Arts currently effective corners . Already in our review of fifa 14 we found that, after corner kicks often fall headed goals . The effectiveness of curled shots want to take a close look the developers. That Lupf passes have too much accuracy was also communicated to the developers. Currently, players also report of screen freezes .

Electronic Arts examine the problems and would provide further details shortly. The information for the first patch for fifa 14 are from the EA forum. fifa 14 released on 26 september for ps3, pC and xbox 360 Versions for playstation 4 and xbox One are also planned. fifa 14 next-gen appears to launch the respective console. On our topic page for fifa 14 at the used lot more to football simulation.come here, you can get xbox 360 fifa 14 coins coupon.

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